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Ce blog est existe depuis 5 ans maintenant. D'abord francophone, puis anglophone, il a (enfin) trouvé sa place dans la blogosphère en tant que blog bilingue en cette année 2020.

J'y partage deux fois par semaine mes conseils pour une vie plus productive, mais une vie sans stress. Dans une société à ce point en proie à l'anxiété, je désire que ce petit coin d'Internet soit la preuve qu'il est possible de "réussir" selon les standards de notre société sans pour autant ruiner notre santé mentale.

J'espère vous y retrouver, à très bientôt!♡


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  • Top 3 Frugal Living Tips You Need To Know.
    par Camille le 27/09/2020

    Frugal living usually goes hand in hand with minimalism. To me, it is basically about being really aware of where my money goes, and about making sure I know exactly what I am doing with it. I do try to make the most frugal choices on a daily basis, which does not prevent me from spending on what is most important to me. Here is how you can start living a frugal lifestyle today, without feeling bored or imprisoned.

  • Interview ♡ Lancelot Schaubert, Writer (& so much more).
    par Camille le 23/09/2020

    Lately, I go contacted by Lancelot Schaubert to review his debut novel & we decided to share with you an interview. I asked questions I think could profit to many of you (if not all of you), whether you are into writing or not. He is actually not "just" into writing but in many other art forms as well & his views on art are absolutely wonderful in my opinion. Let's get started with the interview!

  • Small Tip, Great Effect: Should You Wear Gold Or Silver?
    par Camille le 20/09/2020

    Welcome to this new series of the Parisian Elegance section of this blog. As you probably know, I am both a big fan of personal (elegant) style & minimalism, and that is not always easy to combine. However, I have found one really smart way to do so: focusing on small things which have great

  • Treehouse Whispers (Charmed) ♡ Elouise East.
    par Camille le 16/09/2020

    When the author contacted me to review her new book, I immediately read the summary. I also immediately knew it was not my « type of book » but I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone and review a book belonging to a genre I knew almost nothing about: New Romance. Continue reading if you want to have the honest point of view of an almost-stranger to the New Romance genre on that beautiful short book by Elouise East.

  • The Liebster Award.
    par Camille le 13/09/2020

    I got nominated last August by the wonderful in the context of the Liebster Award and I could not be happier! I had seen that award all over the Internet and found it really fun so you can imagine my happiness when she told me I was one of her nominees. It is my second award, the first one being the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award so if you want to have a look at it first, feel free to do it!

  • Blogmas 2020 Announcement ☆.
    par Camille le 09/09/2020

    Blogmas, it is basically one post a day to help you live the healthiest & merriest Christmas. I know that Christmas is not always synonymous with happiness, & that is why I created this concept. I want to show you that even if you do not consider yourself to be a "Christmas person", if consumerism disgusts you or if you have any other reasons to feel down in December, we can still enjoy a beautiful month together. Are you ready? Let's get started!

  • 10 Habits That Ruin Your Elegance. ♡ Part 2.
    par Camille le 09/09/2020

    Last month, I shared with you 5 things that, according to me, are ruining the efforts you make to be and feel more elegant. You may wear the most beautiful dress and the most appropriate shoes, if your behavior does not go with your outfit (or, I'd rather say, the outfit must go with the behavior because your behavior is the most important point in achieving elegance), your efforts are immediately ruined.r own enemy, so here are 5 things you need to look for (and suppress) in your behavior in order to achieves the level of elegance you want in your life.

  • 10 Life-Changing Habits of Aspired Minimalists (w/ Rosell Jardinico)
    par Camille le 06/09/2020

    With that collaboration, Rosell and I share with you our top 5 habits that changed our lives as minimalists. Let's discover these habits together.

  • A (very) Short Poll To Know Your Tastes Better.
    par Camille le 02/09/2020

    Today, I would like to share with you a very short poll I have created on Google Forms. It is only composed of two questions & can easily be sent in less than one minute. If you have one minute to share with me, I would be beyond happy about it as your answers would definitely help me create content that YOU want to read. Is not it the main goal, actually? Creating the content that YOU are interested in?

  • The Importance of Being Earnest ♡ Oscar Wilde.
    par Camille le 02/09/2020

    I finished that (rather short) play in a day and it was simply WONDERFUL! I must admit I have a certain fascination for Oscar Wilde's writing style and that play makes no exception to the rule.I love plays that have more than two layers of "surprise" and that is obviously the case of this one. Summarizing the plot without giving spoilers seems quite impossible so I won't even aim to do it. Just know that, altogether, that play is even more than you expect it to be.